# Voxable Technical Documentation

Access your team’s source of conversational AI truth with the Voxable API & CLI.

Using the Voxable (opens new window) API & CLI is the easiest way to automate exportation of your team‘s conversation design data. You can export your existing projects and transform them for importation into a growing list of conversational AI tools.

An animation showing a user exporting a Voxable project’s data with the CLI.

# Generating an API token

In order to access the Voxable API, you'll need to begin by emailing the team to request access. We‘ll enable the API feature for your Voxable account.

Once the API feature is enabled, you’ll need to generate an API token. From the profile menu, select Profile > API Tokens (opens new window):

An image of the Voxable product's API token interface, with no tokens created, and a button reading 'Create an API Token'.

Click the “Create an API Token” button to generate a new Voxable API token:

An image of the Voxable product's API token interface.

With your token generated, you now have two options for how to go about accessing the Voxable API: